The Governor BoxFit™

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Build your confidence, get fit and healthy with The Governor BoxFit™ .

What are the benefits of The Governor BoxFit™ classes?

Develop speed, agility, power, fitness and more at a The Governor BoxFit™ class near you

Intense body conditioning - the very nature of boxing means combination of punches and cardio will help you pick up the pace and reaction time to build stamina and cardio plus high-intensity moves will get your heart rate going and stay active for longer and strengthen your body.
You'll work your whole body and tone your core - it goes without saying, The Governor BoxFit™ is a cardio workout so you'll burn calories and burn fat.







Albrighton Methodist Church Wolverhampton - Thursdays 18:30 - 19:30



Sneyd Community Center ,  Vernon way - TBC


Willenhall -

Colossus Gym 

2 Wilkes street . WV13 2BS 

Tuesday evenings Youth18:30 - 19:30

                                     Adults 19:30  - 20:30

How much does The Governor BoxFit™ sessions cost?.



The Governor BoxFit™ sessions are only £5 per session which are paid monthly at £20 providing a affordable and effective weigh of keeping fit and healthy