Nandos Survival Guide.

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Nandos Survival Guide.


Every one loves a cheeky Nandos . Right? 



Its not so good when your in training, on a diet or currently in fight camp .

Not to worry though as we have created a Nando's survival guide , a full guide of every item in Nandos with a full macro and calorie break down!

You can now go and have a cheeky Nandos and still stay on your diet and hit your calorie and macro targets.



What is included in the Nando Survival Guide?



A full break down of every product on the Nandos menu including calories , protein carbs fat macro, this is perfect so you know exactly what you are eating , you can still enjoy your 'cheeky Nandos' and diet at the same time! perfect if your bulking you know exactly what to order to hit your targets.