The Governor Cook Books And Survival Guides

A collection of healthy eating cook books for every one to enjoy

All cook books average around 30 different recipes 

Breakfast Recipes 

Sides and Small Plates Recipes 

Mains Recipes

Including a whole cookbook dedicated to Plant based foods 

Desserts Recipes 



High Street Restaurant Survival Guides 



What are survival guides ? 



A full break down of every product on the menu including calories , protein carbs fat macro, this is perfect so you know exactly what you are eating , you can still enjoy your 'cheeky Nandos' and diet at the same time! perfect if your bulking you know exactly what to order to hit your targets.


What survival guides are included ?



Pizza Hut 

Pizza Express

Toby Carvery 


We are updating the guides on a regular basis to give you all the information you need to help you live a healthy life style and still enjoy nice food.