The real reason you're not losing weight and what to do to fix it | weight loss blog | Nutrition

The real reason you're not losing weight and what to do to fix it | weight loss blog | Nutrition


With so many diet fads and weight loss products on the market it would seem like it would be easy to loose weight wouldn't it? 

So why are so many people struggling with it ? 

Well it comes down to a few things which i will explain in more detail but a few of the basic key factors are this .

  • Being to lazy ( not exercising enough or at all)
  • Not eating correctly or knowing the basics of nutrition and  calories 
  • Giving up to soon- to notice real changes will take months! a lot of people lose a few pounds and give up before the real results start to show - if you stick at it with a proper diet plan and exercise plan you will get there. its a long term commitment , a life style change not a over night cure.


The science behind losing weight is simple really if you get it correct you will loose weight - calories eaten vs calories burned .


You need to burn more calories than you consume and be at a calorie deficit 


Basics - men need 2500 calories a days just to maintain there body

             women need 2000 calories a day .


 So just to stay the way you are and maintain what you have you need between 2000-2500 calories a day...

The average women needs 1,500 calories per day to lose one pound of weight per week. Meanwhile, the average man needs 2,500 calories to maintain, and 2,000 to lose one pound of weight per week.

However, this depends on numerous factors. These include age, height, current weight, activity levels, metabolic health, and several others.



 A lot of people who want to loose weight see the latest diet fad or supplement and think ' just take this and this weight will drop like magic' they continue without a proper meal plan or exercise regime and wonder why if anything there putting on weight not losing it !  remember CALORIES BURNED VS CALORIES CONSUMED   you need to be in calorie deficit. 

Do fat burners and fat burning juices work ?  Right lets get this straight , they are a supplement! they are a addition to your lifestyle changes to help you loose weight, if you eat right and exercise they will assist you! yes they will work!, they will enhance your metabolism and help you but they aren't a magic pill or potion, this is coming from some one who sells these for a living,- i stock and sell fat burners  but i don't actively push them main reason being 80% of the people that buy them are looking for quick fixes and aren't making the right changes and taking the right action all i hear then is negativity -  

Do you need fat burners and juices to loose weight- NO just reign in your diet and do some exercise that all you need to do, all the other stuff are supplements they are a extra to help, they will work and enhance your weight loss if used as a supplement not a magic pill or potion 
Hidden Calories 

 Hidden calories are a BIG Reason for many people , a lot of people don't account for the extra calories in sauces which they cover there healthy salad in they may as well of had a bag of chips/fries.

Coffees and takes away's are another huge factor in the struggle , look below at costa coffee (remember you want to be aiming for 1500 calories women 2000 for men to loose 1lb a week basic.) 

 The Governor nutrition costs survival guide

you can see how if you grab a Costa every morning on the way to work soon adds up over the course of a week .


Another popular shop on the high street is Gregg's this is a eye opener ...

lets say you've just grabbed a morning coffee from Costas and went for a Caffe latte with massimo whole milk ,you've just added 283 calories to your intake to start,

Then mid morning you are in a rush so you grab a quick snack from Greggs as you haven't had time for breakfast and have another large latte this time with a vanilla shot (258 calories)  grab a steak bake (405 calories) and a sausage roll (327calories)

Your now on 1273 calories before you have got to lunch time..

Remember - calorie deficit. 

can you see how these little snacks and hidden calories soon mount up ?





So what do i do?

You need to have a whole life style change, Start by throwing out all sweets and treats from your cupboards!

 This is a long term commitment you it wont happen over night! But you WILL see and notice a difference if YOU implement the following steps.


 Remember - calorie deficit. 

)What is your goal ?. Lose weight ? Tone up ? 
2) Write down your target ! Lose 1-3 stone 
3) Figure out the calorie intake your currently eating
Be honest . Count all meals all snacks , coffees , and alcohol and sauces that go on your food etc .
Now - look what exercise are you currently doing? Exercise is IMPORTANT!! 

And get this simple equation in your head 🙄
Calories consumed vs calories burned 🥵

If you want to loose weight you need to burn more calories than you consume

If you want to put it on it’s the opposite.

Pretty simple really 🤷‍♂️

So how are you going to go about reaching your target you wrote down ?.


First of all you need watch your calories you are eating ...
Eat a healthy and balanced diet.

Check this out a calorie calculator…

Now you know how many calories you need to reach you goal - (be warned this won’t happen over night )

The next point is exercise -IMPORTANT-

Based on

a)125lb | 8.9 stone person
b)155 lbs 11.7 stone person

c)185 lbs | 13.2 stone person

And 1 hour of exercise

1 hour of walking (3.5 mph )
will burn

for a)125lb - 215 cal
for b)155lb - 267 cal
for c)185 - 319 cal


for a)125- 624cal
for b)155 - 773cal
for c)185 - 923 cal


for a)125 -397 cal
for b)155. 492. Cal
for c)185. 587 cal

Remember - calorie deficit.  calories in vs calories out. you need to burn of more than you consume. 

Now you now what you need to do, always write it down it then becomes a plan and a guide to refer back to !

You know how many calories you need to eat in a day and how many will be burned exercising.

Check out our YouTube page here for home work outs and everything sports and nutrition outs The Governor You tube Channel 

Pick one day a week Sundays are a good day and right down your weight, and measurements this is good to do as some weeks you might not lose a lot of lbs but your measurements can go down so its good motivation to see each week! and do this every week!



you want to aim for 1500-2000 calories maximum .

you have seen how easy it is to go over this with hidden calories in sauces and coffees, so plan you meals for a week.

Remember - calorie deficit.  

Breakfast - go for a Governor Sports Protein Shake

at only 114 calories with added fat burning qualities such as Acetyl-l-carnitine Acai berry,Green tea you are on to a good start for the day.

now divide the remaining calories for lunch and your evening meal and snack this is the same as other diet plans and slimming clubs but your using the calories of packets and not points so it would be easier to manage

you can get 30 macro and calorie guided recipes here for free just download them -> The governor cookbook



They do what they say they supplement your diet . They won’t work if you don’t exercise and don’t diet correctly.FACT all you will burn is your money 💰.

Our supplements  are some of the best on the market they are just as good as the multi million line companies if not better (compare the ingredients 😏)

Our The Governor Sports Protein this is a product i will shout from the roof tops we have professional athletes, mainly combat sports boxers mma fighter from over the world using this because of its ingredients, it helps them reach there weight goals for fights because it is combined with fat burning ingredients and high quality protein so will burn fat and build muscle. its perfect if you want to get in shape and toned up , but it can also double up as a meal replacement.


The Governor Sports Protein   Vs Slim Fast meal replacement                                               the governor sports protein you can see clearly the quality really does compete and beat with the likes of slim fast, you get over double the amount of powder, with a extra 6g of high quality protein and 116 less calories per serving .. if you want to try it for your self click here -> The governor sports protein <---


Our fat burners speed up metabolism so used with a healthy diet and exercise will increase the calories burned used with The Governor Sports Protein and a quality diet and exercise you will be on a winner.

I hope this blog has being useful for you and has helped in some way all you need to remember is two key words and you will lose weight, they are - calorie deficit.   as a thank you for taking part in reading it if you want to try any of our product especially The Governor Sports Protein use code  weightlossblog and get 30% off for a time use discount 


Speak Soon ..


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