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Matt Heys aka WhiteRhino-Reconstruction

Hi Guys

Going to be posting on here quite a bit as we move forward, my story is unique and inspirational in October I broke both my legs quite badly to the point I almost died, I was in resus for 5 hours before they operated on me, 4 breaks in right leg, plus dislocation 2 breaks left leg plus dislocation.

Anyway I'm here alive and kicking with the support and backing of The Governor Sports and Nutrition , watch this space because this White Rhino is about to be reborn I will talk about my program my diet, how to stay focused and keep a positive mind set even when the chips are down you feel your situation is dire trust me there is always hope in any situation.

I will be back and I will compete at the highest possible level within this sport, anybody who thinks or says otherwise will be proven wrong, Like a certain well known strongman says back up your bullshit.


Watch as my story and journey unfolds right before your very eyes, watch us grow as a team together.

Remember there are many pieces to a puzzle you can never do it on your own, it is team work, from My Coach, My physio, My Partner, Supplement support and more from The Governor Sports and Nutrition .

2020-2022 watch this space, big things are coming The White Rhino is under construction and will be reborn.

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    Muchas gracias. ?Como puedo iniciar sesion?

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